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Christmas Shopping - The Year We Stayed Away

This year I have not ventured out much with having a new-born baby, I have pretty much stayed home in my own bubble. My business has kept me busy creating gifts, which got me thinking. Are people going to be shopping more online this year? Well I know I will be.

Staying at home and supporting small businesses

With Covid back on the rise & many local restrictions, how many people will actually be going out Christmas shopping. The high streets will not be the same this year, there will be no bustle around with the festive spirits. But what we can do is support small businesses, so I was thinking how can I help other's like me who make products or sell products? Can I, instead of going to boots, buy a nice luxury set from someone who is selling Body Shop. Ladies who could be struggling to put food on the table or pay for Christmas.

My top 5 alternative online

So if you can't go enjoy the hustle and bustle this year. Put on your favourite Christmas pyjamas, turn on those festive tunes, grab some festive treats and lets go online shopping. You can even do it via Zoom with your friends and get the wine out.

  1. Smelly sets - Body Shop or Avon Lady

  2. Chocolates - Look for some local ladies who may sell sweet/chocolate hampers, one of my favourites is Helle's Sweet Occasions

  3. Socks - go type in funky socks on you will be sure to find something to put in those stockings

  4. Books - as a child your guaranteed to get some kind of book or activity book, I usually buy this for when the elf visits us. So this year I have ordered these from a lovely Osborne book lady.

  5. Something Unique - there are always those difficult people who have everything, so this is where I come in with my own personalised items which they won't have.

Lets support local this year. Happy Christmas shopping.

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