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Are you 1% committed???

As we head into a brand new year, it always gets me thinking about what growth will happen. This year alone I know I have grown so much, stronger, spiritually and mentally. This all goes back to the commitment I made to myself several years ago to work on me each day.

So as as look at this new year ahead of us, if you made a commitment to grow by 1% each day that is 365% this time next year. That just blows your mind doesn't it.

Now when you look at this 1% make it sound super easy doesn't it? that could be picking up a book or even listening to a podcast or writing in your journal.

What 1% can you do each day?

This really got me thinking, so I wanted to share some things that you can do each day to help you grow by that 1%.

Things you can do each day.

  1. Spend time in silence and breathe, taking these moments just for you will allow you to understand yourself better and give you that calmness required to strengthen your mindset.

  2. Write your gratitude's/thankful list each day, this will make you grateful and appreciate the small things in life.

  3. Read a self development book, podcast or join a community group associated with personal development, this will give you the opportunity to learn and grow.

  4. Surround yourself with like minded women who want to have positive engaging conversations.

  5. Give to charity, offer your time this will feel rewarding as well.

  6. Be cautious of the words you use, changing your vocabulary can help you when it comes to manifestation and positive mindset.

  7. Write in your journal, if you need some prompts then there is 28 journal prompts available here. - Journaling is a great tool to help you work through blocks, open your mind to the subconscious.

  8. Meditation - can help you create calm, relaxed mindset.

  9. Develop a relationship with the universe, ask for guidance if you need help and really connect inwards to yourself is a daily practice which I would highly recommend.


So are you going to commit to 1% growth each day in 2023?

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