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When the world is closed again, are you giving up?

Where do I even begin, home-schooling has started again and I have a never ending list of goals I want to achieve? do I give up? HELL NO....

We often sit and get overwhelmed by what we need to do, but sometimes all we need to do is sit back look at our priorities and make a list of actions that are essential.

It is like when we build a house, things happen. Materials may not arrive on time or delays may happen but the builder will pivot to asses this and amend the path but the ultimate goal will ALWAYS remain the same. This is what we need to do now, we may need to pivot or change our paths slightly but if you have a clear vision of where you need to go in your business or life then do not CLOSE!!

Closing and loosing that consistency you will regret later, you will not thank yourself. So my voice today I would absolutely love if you could take five minutes and sit down and write your essential tasks which need to be done each day without fail. You will find away, these are my essential tasks each day..



  1. Read a mindset book before anything else

  2. Write my daily gratitude's

  3. Network in 5 groups where my ideal clients are

  4. Post on social media, Facebook and Instagram

  5. Connect with at least 5 clients each day


Split each goal down into bitesize sections, as if you was cutting a cake. Remember to ask for help if you need it. Don't try and be super mum or super women.

Much Love

Vision Board Queen


If you need any help getting those visions clear then on 18th January I have my next FREE 3 DAY VISION BOARD CHALLENGE

You can book

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