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Are you stuck at the bottom of the mountain?

I actually can not believe we are nearly at the end of March!!! This year seems to be flying by.

Today got me thinking about how easy it is to get stuck and not take action. Are you one of those people who never know which path to take and over procrastinating about the journey? The only impossible journey, is the one you never begin. Just take the first step...

There are hundreds of paths up the mountain., all leading to the summit!

It doesn't matter which path you take, or how long it takes to get there. The only person wasting time is the one who runs around the mountain looking at the paths, everyone else has started their journey up!

Stop focusing on the dips, the turns, the bumps that may appear up that mountain... taking that first step is all that counts...

Focus on the summit and start to visualise those paths up that mountain.

I often find my vision board clients do this, they have all these ideas to create a vision board but never get round to sticking anything down. Which is what led me to designing the ready made vision board kit to help them take those first steps up their mountain. The Vision Board Kit | Mysite (


So my message today is to take that step, don't sit and wait around for the perfect path. There will always be twists, turns and dips in the pathway. Start today!! take action and step on that first stone..... believe me you will reach the summit, but waiting around finding that perfect moment is not your answer.

Good luck on your journey.

Much Love


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