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Do you believe in you?

One of the best things I ever did was to start to believe in myself. The version of me now is so grateful that the old version of me took that risk and believed in herself.

Do you believe in yourself? Self belief is one of the biggest blocks I come across with my clients. So many people suffer with a lack of self belief which has pulled them back to actually doing the do! Is this you?

We often get so caught up on the inner dialogue which is telling us we can't, we then actually don't do anything to move forward.

My mission is for everyone to live their dreams, but in order to do that we need to believe in ourselves, we need to take those steps to move forward, we need to take action which inquires to have that belief. I am going to share with you some of my top tips in helping you with that inner belief, so that you can fly and start working towards those dreams and desires that you deserve.

  1. Establish what beliefs you have about yourself.

When we are able to understand your beliefs you can start to work on resolving them, this can be difficult if you are not used to looking at how you respond to situations, so I have created this wheel so you can use this 'self belief wheel' to help you with this.

2. Set yourself small manageable goals to start working towards believing in you.

So now you have established the areas in which your self belief needs working on then you can start to work on this by setting small goals to move forward.

For example:

Your self love belief is at a number 4 on the wheel.

What can you do to help improve this?

  • Create self love affirmations and stick them on your mirror to remind yourself each morning.

  • Do a self love mirror exercise.

or maybe your self acceptance is low on the number scale.

What can you do to improve this?

  • Accept yourself each day by writing daily gratitude of your compassion, kindness and all the other attributes of yourself.

We are also going to be covering some small goals setting in our masterclass on 18th April

VISION - MIND - SOUL Masterclass - More details can be found here -

3. Celebrate those small wins.

When we are on a self belief journey we need to celebrate those small steps, that small victory will be a big part of the journey, maybe it's saying yes to an opportunity, or even sharing a selfie. Whatever your win is celebrate it. Now this doesn't mean going out and buying wine or flowers each time although that would be nice, it could be sitting and reading or taking a bath instead of a quick shower. Doing something you love to honour that victory will help build more self belief for you.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others, you don't have the same background or circumstances as anyone else so comparison-itus is not realistic.

This is huge and always something which we forget, your day one is never the same as someone else's day one. When I began my very own journey I had zero self love, self belief, self compassion, self esteem or self determination. The first thing I said when I started my journey was I WILL NEVER GO LIVE!! But I did it, because I began taking the small steps, I began celebrating the wins. People look at me now when I am live and think ' I am super confident' but they didn't see the journey to get there, they didn't see the bad live video's or the ones that took me a 100 times doing the 5,4,3,2,1 process to hit the live button. So stop comparing, you don't have the same story, the same history or circumstances. You are you and that is more that enough!

5. Find your own superpowers and use them to your advantage.

We all have certain skills which we are better at than others, we all have our own unique characteristics so use these. Use your skills as your super powers and rather than focus on the things your not good at focus on what you are good at, the more we focus on what we can do, the more wins we will receive therefore the more our confidence will grow. Then before we know it we will be tackling those big audacious dreams full of confidence, full of belief.

Go away today and start working on believing in you, start to create your new story of self belief. You are amazing, you are worthy I believe in you so take my belief in you and go out there and start working towards the dreams and desires that you deserve.

If you are a crystal obsessive human like me here are some of the best crystals for confidence that help boost your self-esteem:

  • Sunstone - confidence and originality.

  • Carnelian - empowerment and courage.

  • Citrine - self-esteem and success.

  • Lapis Lazuli - trust in one’s own intuition.

  • Tigers Eye - purpose and courage.

  • Red Jasper - daring and purpose.

  • Rhodonite - manifest confidence and self-love.

  • Hematite - grounding and balance.

To find out more about how you can work with Lisa then check out her website

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