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It has been a while!

Wow, I just checked and I actually couldn't believe it has been since May when I last wrote a blog! That is 3 months, where the hell has those 3 months gone? So I need to get 3 months of stuff out of my head and into this blog.... I am not sure that will be even possible, however I will go through some of the big things that have happened over the last 3 months.

May, we moved into our dream home. May was settling in month. We set our new home foundations and made it ours, from the day we moved in it felt like home. I absolutely love our new house and so glad we made the decision to move. May also seen the launch of the NETWORK-O-THON event, the event where we have 12 hours of experts with training and networking. This event was a huge success which gave lots of amazing feedback. I am currently planning the next one....details will be revealed soon.

June, this was the anniversary of Lisa's networking lounge. The group I opened just days before giving birth to Talia. We also celebrated our rainbow baby turning 1. I still can not believe she is 1 years old and toddling around, it feels like yesterday when she was born. June also seen the come back of the Vision board summit. Which again hugely successful event, bringing your vision to life with some incredible speakers. I am not sure I will be running this even online again, I am feeling this is now time to take this in person and bring you together to create the energy for your vision.

July, we spent the first few days away in a caravan celebrating my husbands 40th birthday. This then turned into 15 days of isolation, which at first seemed like a nightmare but I actually really enjoyed it. We had beautiful weather so spent lots of time in the garden. We also got that extra time with my husband that me and the girls never usually get. So I felt so energised after the 15 days. Not sure I will rush at doing it again, but it was very much needed at that time and we didn't kill each other, hehe.

August, this month has been about spending more time with the girls. I am so very lucky to fortunate enough to not have to answer to anyone, so I can have time off as and when I want. This was always a big vision of mine. I have also been writing my story which is due to be published in October (launching 10th October). I am also busy planning a face to face networking event. Not only is this event a networking event it will also be a celebration. During the pandemic I launched my coaching business online while I was pregnant with Talia. I had a vision to not go back to my day job once my maternity ended so I knew I needed to do something to bring this vision to life, this was when the Vision Board VIP lounge was created. We opened our doors on 1st September 2020. With a 10 week old baby in my arms my vision had become reality, now 1 year later I am so incredibly grateful for what I have created, which is why I am holding this celebration event. However this event is double celebration, as not only me but the incredible Kat Massey also launched her very own VQ academy membership on exactly the same day. With both of us supporting each other over the last year, it made perfect sense to bring VISION & VISIBILITY together.

So as you can see the last 3 months have been busy, amazing and exciting.

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