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My English Teacher Would be SHOCKED!!

In June this year I started a big task of writing my story for a book, YES you read that I am going to be an author, I actually have no idea what I was going to write about. I begin the journey by starting on that opening line. I felt overwhelmed with the thought of starting, and definitely had a lot of procrastination pop it's head up.

Writing is not my strongest point at all, it actually took me 3 times to pass my GCSE in English back in 2002, I remember being so determined not to let it hold me back I knew what I wanted I had this fire within me, as part of the college course I had to have my English GCSE. I never let it hold me back, I could have easily turned being an Author down due to my literacy skills. But as my 16 year old self I WILL NOT LET IT HOLD ME BACK!!

I am determined now as ever to share my story, with a few weeks of procrastinating I got stuck in. I did it, the story has been written, by the end I had tears rolling down my face and I couldn't even see my screen. Like I mentioned I am not a writer, it tool me 3 times to pass my English GCSE so writing this story has not only brought a lot of raw emotions out, it has also brought out some powerful emotions of achievement.

My story is going to be joined with 15 other women on a book collaboration. The book is called SEEN, many people have experienced unprecedented times in life and especially over the last 18 months which has taken a toll on people's physical and mental health. The book is going to be sharing 15 inspiring stories that could help others look at life in a different way. My own personal story is around miscarriage which I have been openly sharing since 2018.

The book proceeds will all be going to charity which is an amazing charity called 'Milestone Mums', The book launches on 10th October on world mental health day. this also coincides with baby loss awareness week which is linked to my story.

Having my story brought to life has been a vision of mine for some time, so I am really excited to be on this journey.

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