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My word was 'INSPIRATION'

As 2020 drew to a close I set myself a word which I wanted to take into 2021. That word was Inspiration, I wanted to be an inspiration to others to show them that dreams are possible, I want to inspire others to chase their dreams, I want to inspire my community and show them how you can achieve all you desire.....

I am writing this blog as a truly believe that I have been an INSPIRATION to so many! I have inspired people to chase those dreams, I have inspired people to think bigger, and I have also shown them how you can achieve all you desire and more....

When I chose that word in 2020 I had no idea what the year ahead looked like, we was in lockdown and the year ahead didn't look that great we were back doing the dreaded home schooling.... but I had a vision. I wanted to be that inspiration.

As I look back at what I have achieved during 2021 I am blown away, I am truly so incredibly grateful for each opportunity which presents itself to me. I would like to share with you some of the incredible things I have achieved this year.

  • Brought my dream home.

  • Became more financially free than ever before.

  • Grown my Vision Board VIP lounge membership - helping more women stay connected with their visions and dreams.

  • Held online Challenges helping over 400 women.

  • Ran online events - Vision Board Summit - Network-O-Thon - Christmas Networking Spectacular.

  • Grown my product range - Vision Board Planner, journals and more

  • Spoke in other influential groups which has grown my network.

  • Raised money for miscarriage association.

  • Held a vision experience day - helping others connect with their desires.

  • Became an BEST SELLING Author sharing my story of my miscarriage journey - SEEN is available to buy here =

  • Held several sell out workshops, course and programmes.

  • Survived home schooling my 8 year old with a new born.

  • Worked with over 30 clients on a 121 basis.

  • Left my day job to work on my dreams full time.

  • Helped my daughter launch her book she illustrated.

  • Collaborated with the lovely Kat Massey on our 1st in person event since lockdown's. Follow Kat here = (9) Visibility and Confidence Business Page by Kat Massey | Facebook

  • Was in the press, local and national on 6 occasions.

  • Passed my Reiki 1 qualifications

So my year in a nutshell, I think I have definitely been an inspiration. I have also been an inspiration to myself, I am just a normal women there is nothing extra special about me I just believe that anything is possible.

As 2022 is coming closer, I am starting to think of what my word for 2022 will be? Do you have a word for 2022? So as I ponder on this word I will leave you with wishing you all a Merry Christmas and may 2022 be the year your dreams come true.

Much Love


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