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The Day I Became A Number 1 Best Selling Author

I wanted to write this blog on the day, while the feelings and emotions are raw.

Today the pre orders went on sale for the book I have been very privileged in being part of as a co-author.

My day started with an earlier alarm, I got myself up and dressed while the kids were still in bed and I went live at 7am to share the news of the pre launch. Little did I know that by 11am we would be best selling authors.... OMG!!!! This just got real.........

As I sat and collated my thoughts I could not believe what had happened, little me from a small seaside town was an Author.... but a BEST SELLING AUTHOR!!! I was flabbergasted. I had no words.

My emotions this week had been tested, those tears actually began to fall when I got the message of one of my best friends Faye ' Congratulations on becoming a best selling author ' That was when it hit home, that was when those tears began to fall. You see this person (Faye) does not actually realise how much of a huge part of my journey she is. She was the person who got me out of my darkness and showed me the light. She was the person who believed in me before I believed in myself. She is the reason I am standing here today strong. You will find out more when you read my story.

So I wanted to blog my feelings today so I can always remember how I felt on the day I became a best selling author..... I have felt lost, alone, happy, emotional, tired, a mess and the day isn't even over yet. But the one thing I will take from today is the inundated amount of support I have had via social media, friends and family.

I would like to dedicate this blog to my angel babies Joy, River & Rain who didn't make it to this world, but if it was not for them this wouldn't be my story. I would also like to take a moment to remember my friend Jo who sadly was taken way too soon. I know she will be dancing in the stars with her funky colour hair beaming with pride. Now I am crying again......

' One sentence of your story could help someone heal their wounds'

Thank you for your support and making this dream of mine come true.

You can pre order your copy of 'SEEN' Now

Much Love


The Vision Board Queen

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