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TIMES TABLES... it's like going back 20 years

This week I have been in such a state, I have been annoyed at everything especially this home school expectation.

I had so many plans this month for my business growth and home schooling was definitely not in that schedule. Now it looks like it will be going on until March.... Arghhhhh!!! I have definitely been playing the victim, which is absolutely not me at all. Is it January blues on top of lockdown and this added pressure? Or is it because it has ruined my plans. Who knows, so I have had to have a really hard look at this and see why these feelings are present. But I have realised it is perfectly normal to feel like this. At the end of the day I am a mum not a teacher. I am a business owner not a teacher. I am a vision board coach not a teacher.

So this week I have been running my business as usual and just so happened to be launch week on my next course so it is always intense but this was to another level. Did it stop me? NO. Did it stress me? HELL YES! Did I give up? HELL NO.

If you are feeling this way then please be reassured you are not alone, being a home schooling business mum with a baby at home is the hardest thing as a parent I have ever had to do. It beats being a single mum when my eldest was a baby.

Yesterday during our daily walk, it made me realise that this time Alysa and Talia will never get back, Alysa is seeing Talia grow which she would have missed if she was in school. So yes i feel like i have gone back 20+ years and having to learn school work again, but I will focus on those grateful things and cherish these moments.

Remain grateful, remember you are not alone.

Much Love


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