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Negative Nelly - Positive Polly

Christmas is looming and its such an anxious time financially for many, and usually this is me. This got me thinking of just how far I have come.

Yesterday I needed TWO new tyres... now usually this would have annoyed the HELL out of me, I would have either been scrimping every penny I can or even borrowing the money. I would have probably been so annoyed for about a week and it definitely would have eaten into our Christmas.

But last night as I lay in bed I was re capping over the day thinking about my gratitude's and it dawned on me I had non of the above emotions, or feelings I was just grateful that I could change the tyres with no worries and have a safe car to drive my family around.

At this point that is when I realised just how far I have come in my mindset! 4 years of consistent reprogramming my mind, with daily actions and NEVER giving up. I now truly believe in me and I can safely say I am a POSITIVE POLLY.

Today I woke up completely grateful, with my book and today's reading was all about trusting the process. So if you are one of those Negative Nelly's but you really don't want to be in that mindset start today! Make a start, grab the mindset book and fully trust the process because if I can do it anyone can!

Have a magical Christmas, stay safe.

Much love

Vision Board Queen

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