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It is time to take back your POWER!!

It has been a while, blogging has been bottom of my to do list. But my voice matters so I need to get my words out and onto paper - well a blog.

Today I want to talk about taking that POWER back.

Each and every one of us has a choice, we choose to show up, we choose the actions we take, we choose the words we speak, we choose the dreams we desire. But are you choosing the right words, actions or desires for you?

Today I would love you to look at the choices you have made today -

Did you get up and moan about something? Or did you get up and exercise? Or did you meditate before you got up? When we make a choice, we have the POWER in how our day goes.

Each of us have the power inside of us, we just need to bring this power forward and learn to access it. Sometimes it may take time for the power inside to run the show but making that choice to start will be worth it... trust me!

Today I would like to share 3 tips to help you own your power.

Tip #1 - Create a morning routine.

Now you may have heard of the miracle morning, but this may not work for everyone 5am definitely does not work for me. But having a morning routine that works for you is vital for the start of your day, this could be 5 minutes journaling, sitting outside in nature with a coffee or listening to your favourite podcast. But creating a good routine which sets you up for the day is key. 92% of people with morning routine are productive.

Tip #2 - Look at the language you use.

When we speak, we often speak with limits, these limits have been programmed over time and even through generations. When we want to own our power back looking at the words we use is really important, we have a choice to what we say, we have a choice to how we respond and react. So today look at the words you use, do these serve you? or do they limit you and your dreams?

"The thoughts we think and the words we speak creates our experiences." – Louise Hay

Tip #3 - Take Action.

The action we take is down to us, if you want to live your dream life then you choose to wake up and take action or wake up and do nothing. Today your future life is in your hands. What actions can you take today that your future self will thank you for? What actions can lead you close to those desires?

Don’t Forget You Are the Creator of Your Dreams.


Written by Lisa Williams

Vision Board Queen

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